Famoe remains unstoppable with another Graphic Novel Soundtrack for Psychokillers

After the huge success of The Exiled, which was created specifically for Wesley Snipes, the comic Soundtrack did win already several Awards in Best Music, Best Original Score, Best Hip-Hop and an Audience Choice Award at film festivals around the World and it’s still in competition.

Famoe is working non-stop on several projects, and now they showed a preview of the upcoming Musicvideo that is loaded with CGI effects and a representation of a main character from Psychokiller’s Graphic Novel “Necro”.

Famoe opens up his own world once again in collaboration with Gifted Rebels and Rise Again Comics, and fuses his musical talent with a family of psychic assassins that are on their last mission — to kill each other…

The Music video and Soundtrack will be released along the Indiegogo Campaign for an Exclusive limited #1 Comic Edition on May 26th 2023 as a single release and a bonus remix with the producer’s Magestick Beats and Efreezee for the remix.

You can find the pre-save link right here: Pre-Save on Spotify

The Indiegogo Campaign for the exclusive Collectible right here: Psychokillers Limited Edition

Stay connected with Famoe on all Social Media platforms as he gears up for the Comic release of “Psychokillers” (May 26th, 2023).

Follow his musical journey here:

instagram.com/itsfamoe | facebook.com/itsfamoe | twitter.com/itsfamoe
tiktok.com/itsfamoe | cameo.com/famoe | officialfamoe.com

For Interviews, features, bookings etc.
Please contact: contact@officialfamoe.com

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Famoe with The Exiled Soundtrack for Wesley Snipes

When it comes to entertainment and music, Famoe is no slouch or amateur. His latest graphic Novel soundtrack “The Exiled” won countless awards for Best Soundtrack / Best Edit and Music Video at several Film Festivals around the world and is still nominated for more festivals next year in China, Japan, Europe, and America. Also with a Show Performance at the Red Movie Awards in France next Year.

Fans of Famoe know his consistency when it comes to releasing music is unmatched. Now he is honored to present his soundtrack single “The Exiled”. This soundtrack is in collaboration with Wesley Snipes and his new graphic novel The Exiled. 

A collaboration between Massive Publishing and Whatnot Inc, has received strong initial orders of over 40,000 units for The Exiled #1 and still more counting by Wesley Snipes (Blade), Keith Arem (Performance Director Call of Duty), Adam Lawson (Director Escape the Night) and Comicbook Artist Eskivo. Wesley Snipes mentions the graphic novel is 7 meets Blade Runner. 

Click here to enter The Exiled.

Stay connected with Famoe on all Social Media platforms as he gears up for the Comic release of “The Exiled” (January 25th, 2023).

Follow his musical journey here: 

facebook.com/itsfamoe | instagram.com/itsfamoe | twitter.com/itsfamoe |tiktok.com/itsfamoe | cameo.com/famoe | officialfamoe.com

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Diamond’s Spotlight Interview with Famoe

We recently did on a Instagram livestream an interview on the Diamond Spotlight Showcase last Sunday.

Talking about my first steps as musician, the music industry, my projects and the right Mindset. 
If you missed it and still wanna see it you can watch the Interview below.



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New Press on thisis50.com

Versatile Recording Artist „Famoe“ Is Doing Things His Way And Succeeding At Every Step

Up-and-coming recording artist Famoe is currently making waves in modern hip-hop and rap music. His stage name is taken from the initials of his real name, Fabiano Montesano. Famoe is originally from the city of Santicelli/Cosenza in Calabria, Italy but is currently based in Suessen/Stuttgart, Germany. He owns a record label called “Rap & Rhymes Records.”

Famoe started as a hip-hop dancer when he was only six years old, often mimicking his idol Michael Jackson’s moves. However, it was an album by hip-hop superstar Nelly called Country Grammar that inspired him to turn to rap. In 2001, he joined a music video clip contest in Germany as he was encouraged by his dance teacher. Famoe reached the final round of the competition, and this started his career in dancing.

Rap & Rhymes Records was founded by Famoe in 2003, where he met his friend Nino, who was a former hobby remixer. Later that same year, with Nino’s help, he recorded his first-ever EP called Dancing in My Block. He also made his first single entitled This Life, also produced with his friend Nino. Famoe released his debut album in 2006 titled “The Italian Stallion,” which had over 1000 CDs in circulation.

Over the last decade, Famoe has worked with numerous recording labels, such as Universal Music, Sony Music, and Kontor Records. He has also worked with top producers in the dance genre like Stephan Endemann and Alex Christensen, who helped with his records as well. He changed his stage name from Fantastical to Famoe in his quest to continually improve his branding.

Famoe is motivated by his drive to make unique music as he deems it to be rare in modern-day music. He always wanted to do things he feels passionate about and create music his way. Going with the flow in the entertainment business is good, according to Famoe, but every artist should aspire to be different and unique.

A self-confessed 90s kid, Famoe considers hip-hop legends like 2Pac, Jay-Z, Nelly, 50 Cent, and Timbaland his musical heroes. However, it’s Eminem, whom he cites as the biggest influence in the style of music he’s making. Famoe had the privilege of being the opening act for artists like Blackstreet, Public Announcement, Dru Hill, Shai, 112, DJ Nassr, and many more. He’s had numerous collaborations, both on stage and on record, with some of those artists.

Famoe is slowly increasing social media to his fame as well, as he has ventured lately with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Officialfamoe.com.  His graphic novel Soundtrack is also currently in the works, set for production by JayMo, which he plans on releasing for the Kill Journal that is directed by Adam Lawson & Ari Wiener. As well as other projects like an EDM Record entitled “It’s ya Boy’’ by Famoe & Lynx that will be published by a US Label called SoCal Records, an EP called “Paradigm” that includes Artist features such as TQ & Big Brovaz by the end of the year and 2 official Soundtracks for an Independent Movie War from the Archives directed by Godfidence Losu, with Actor Hasaan Rasheed. 

Famoe also released more original materials with some artists he worked with such as:  Kurupt, Spider Loc, Serius Jones, Donnie Klang to name a few.

Despite experiencing some success as a musician, Famoe continues to work on releasing music that is unique. He wants to set his own mark and wants people to remember him as someone who did things differently. For Famoe, it’s not about becoming the best artist, but doing what you love.









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Famoe – Kill Journal (Official Graphic Novel Soundtrack) Release Announcement

Bad & Good News,

Unfortunately, the Chinese boat crew got COVID and are stuck in Singapore, delaying delivery to the states. For The Kill Journal Comic book launch. That’s why we just moved the release to November 12th 2021. – Safe the Date. 

But make sure to watch on YouTube Adam Lawson with the Book Presentation of The Kill Journal.

Famoe – Kill Journal
(Official Kill Journal Graphic Novel Soundtrack of The Kill Journal)

Release: November 12th 2021

Check out Gifted Rebels:

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New Press on Allhiphop.com

Hip-Hop Artist Famoe Shares His Inspirational Musical Journey

Fabiano Montesano, better known for his stage name Famoe, is an English rapper who started his musical career with the name Fantastical. He was born in 1987 to Italian parents, but he’s currently based in Stuttgart, Germany, where he produces most of his music. He has worked with numerous recording labels during his career before deciding to launch his own record company called Rap & Rhymes Records

Famoe’s career in entertainment began in 2001 when he joined a music video clip contest by MTV Germany, where he reached the final round. He joined another talent competition shortly after, performing his own cover of a song by American hip-hop rapper and singer Nelly. Famoe considers Nelly’s 2000 album Country Grammar as his inspiration to start his ventures in rap, which became instrumental in his music career.

Despite being new to the industry, Famoe decided to establish his own music label, which is what the world now knows as Rap & Rhymes Records. Through this company, he met Nino who works with him to produce his music, including his first EP, “Dancing in my Block.” Nino is an experienced mixer, so his services came in handy for Famoe, as he released his first single entitled “This Life.”

In 2006, Famoe finally released his first-ever studio album, which he called “The Italian Stallion.” The album was released with a circulation of around 1,000 compact discs, which coincided with the changing of his stage name. Famoe traveled to Boston in 2009 to work with Surefire Music Group who produced his album Xplicit. That same year, he recorded his two music videos as well, “Actin Like This” and “On and On.”

Famoe split with his manager in 2010, which paved the way for his collaboration on a dance production with Stephan Endemann. The finished material was entitled “To The Top,” a smash hit that reached in the compilation charts a number one and was on many international compilation charts a top ten in other places. Famoe also worked with Sony Music and Universal Music and merged his Rap & Rhymes Records with Roksolid Entertainment in England in 2010.

As a sub-label for Roksolid Entertainment, Famoe founded Rap & Rhymes Records Ltd. in London after dissolving his old record company. This was an excellent decision as his career continued soaring, even reaching number one on the German music channel Yavido with On & On. The first release under Rap & Rhymes Records Ltd. is a compilation Album called “Past, Present, Future,” inspiring the release of his mobile app.

Famoe shares that in his success, he boldly did things differently instead of going with the flow and following others. He wanted to be that unique artist that the music industry is sorely missing these days. He always desired to do things he’s passionate about, and for him, it’s all about music. His fans can see more of his journey through his Facebook, Instagram, and YouTubeaccounts.

Famoe wants to set his mark as the music artist who dared to be different. He continues working to improve his artistry despite having spent years in the business already. For Famoe, it’s not about becoming the best musician, but it’s about loving what you do.

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Famoe with 2 official motion picture Soundtracks for „War from the Archives“

I’m happy to let you guys know, that after several business talks with @hasaanshines we decided that I’m about to do 2 Exclusive Soundtracks for his upcoming movie WAR FROM THE ARCHIVES. I’m really excited to work on this amazing international project. Also, big shout-outs to the entire Movie Team, The Cast and my Team players! WE GOT THIS!

Written and directed by @losu_godfidence
1st dp:@platninstudios
Sfx/makeup @kruz_k
And other amazing characters.
Executive Producer:@hasaanshines

Sponsored by @multicoglobal
@flyawaypromoEaque blanditiis nemo

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Famoe signed a record single deal with SoCal Records

We are happy to let you guys know that we signed a single EDM/Dance Record agreement with a Los Angeles based Record Label called SoCal Records. This song is in Collaboration with DJ & Producer Lynx from Denmark.

We definitely keep you posted about release, promotion & Artwork. 

SoCal Records

Check out the SoCal Records Playlist

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THE KILL JOURNAL Exclusive: Rapper Fabiano „Famoe“ Montesano On Bringing His Own Style To Comic Book Art + Radio Interview

Brand new indie comic series The Kill Journal is gathering a lot of steam in its Indiegogo campaign, and we got the chance to talk to one of its artists, Famoe, about his work on the book. Check it out!

Writer and filmmaker Adam Lawson has been putting out fantastic work for years, from shows like Escape the Night and comics like The Eighth. He has recently been putting a lot of time and energy into creating comics with his new company, Failed Superheroes Club. The goal of this company is to create stories that feature heroes with flaws. Considering nobody is perfect, it’s the perfect premise for some exciting stories. 

Failed Superheroes Club also brings talented creators from around the world to lend their talents to these stories and get their work out to the masses. One such creator, who has worked on some pages of a new series called The Kill Journal, is Fabiano Montesano, better known as the rapper Famoe. Besides his music work, he also has an amazing talent for tackling everything from line work to coloring. However, his contributions to The Kill Journalextend beyond the colors he provides.

As Famoe is a musician, he has also worked on an exclusive tie-in album for the book, and its first single titled „I’m a King“ has gained massive success on all music streaming services. The book’s exclusive album will also be included with the comic’s hardcover release in 2021, as part of the book’s Indiegogo campaign (a campaign that has already exceeded 100% of its goal).

We recently sat down for a chat with Famoe about his work on The Kill Journal and some of his inspirations for the horror-themed title; his answers had us diving into all forms of media and even the potential that the book has for television!

Hear our exclusive chat with Famoe via the podcast player below. Fans of The Kill Journal’s art will also find our interview with the book’s writer, Adam Lawson, along with the transcript.

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