Famoe with The Exiled Soundtrack for Wesley Snipes

When it comes to entertainment and music, Famoe is no slouch or amateur. His latest graphic Novel soundtrack “The Exiled” won countless awards for Best Soundtrack / Best Edit and Music Video at several Film Festivals around the world and is still nominated for more festivals next year in China, Japan, Europe, and America. Also with a Show Performance at the Red Movie Awards in France next Year.

Fans of Famoe know his consistency when it comes to releasing music is unmatched. Now he is honored to present his soundtrack single “The Exiled”. This soundtrack is in collaboration with Wesley Snipes and his new graphic novel The Exiled. 

A collaboration between Massive Publishing and Whatnot Inc, has received strong initial orders of over 40,000 units for The Exiled #1 and still more counting by Wesley Snipes (Blade), Keith Arem (Performance Director Call of Duty), Adam Lawson (Director Escape the Night) and Comicbook Artist Eskivo. Wesley Snipes mentions the graphic novel is 7 meets Blade Runner. 

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